Rhona mitra michael sheen dating

Zita Görög - Erwin Leder - Scott Mc Elroy - Richard Cetrone - Mike Mukatis - Wentworth Miller - Jázmin Dammak - Todd Schneider - Dennis J.series, which was originally conceived by supporting actor and series regular Kevin Grevioux.

So you don’t have somebody who’s going to come in and that’s the other thing, is there going to be a director who’s going to come in and try to put his own flavor on it which you can’t do to a movie like “Underworld” because the hue of it has to be the same.Beckinsale was cast by director Len Wiseman in Underworld, and she suggested Sheen for the role of Lucian.While filming the movie, Beckinsale and Wiseman became close.It’s entirely different, yeah, and I actually found it to be a lot more playful and you have a much freer reign really even though obviously I had to keep them as well the vampire and all of those things.It was a lot freer having to sort of take on all these incredibly strange, unusual things which are like viruses and the world ending which I did in “Doomsday” but actually play it as a 30-year old woman who was going to deal with this.Sheen and Beckinsale's relationship ended in late 2002 when Beckinsale began a relationship with Len Wiseman.

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