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In short, we value the importance of helping our users find their perfect partner. With over 91% of our Canadian users educated to Bachelor's Degree level or higher, the bulk of our members are career-focused singles who lead busy lifestyles.

Our service is held in high regard because we endeavour to match our members with a partner they identify with. Or, if you're ready to try these three points for yourself and to connect with compatible singles? We understand the need to balance this quest for professional success with the search for a like-minded partner, and so we've designed our dating services to be easy to use - wherever you are!

However, no matter how our members identify, they’re all united by a shared goal: to find a like-minded partner with whom they can enjoy deep compatibility and long-term relationship.

Dating success can come from cultural connection, but, in order to last, a relationship needs more commonalities.

I was mostly joking when I said it -- but it got me thinking. In the two short years since my last serious relationship I've probably already spent a small fortune on this quest for love (or whatever you'd call what I'm doing). Because this is a math problem and not an actual date, we can say 2.5 dates a month.

That puts me at 75 dates -- most of which, for the record, were repeat dates.

I've been on plenty of dates for which I want a refund.

They say you can't put a price on love, but in the meantime, you can at least figure out how much you've spent looking for it.

Even if you can get past all the social pressures and uncomfortable silences, dating is hard because it costs money to do it right. Case in point, my pricey dates of late: one involving a French restaurant and another involving a parking ticket and an arena concert. My parents go on dates and they've been married for 30 years. For the algorithm I'm seeking, I'm talking only about single-people dates.

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