Puck dating fat chick


But now as he drove to school, he allowed himself to think.

David Karofsky coming out to the whole school and professing his undying love for Kurt caused several emotions for the boy.

Or will he just be another broken heart left in Puck's wake? From then on, it was a blur for Kurt, he vaguely remembered them briefly touching on the 'Karofsky Konfession' which led to him having an embarrassing, drink induced sobbing fit.

Saturday brought on the worst hangover ever, in which he slept most of the day and Sunday was spent at his dad's garage, working too hard to think, in order to earn the money for a Prada jacket he had his eye on.

3) he felt disgusted, because Dave was a world class prick and almost as bad as Puck in Kurt's eyes.

4) Fear, because he most definitely would not and could not return the feelings and was scared of how the jock would take it.

A few brave (read: crazy) students even approached him, simply to bow before him before running off.Kurt cautiously bumped fists with Lipoff's awaiting hand and then he felt a hand on his back.Tensing at the thought of being fooled and attacked, it took Kurt a couple of seconds to realise that Josh Coleman, an incredibly attractive but deeply homophobic Jock, was actually patting Kurt on the back, in what could only be described as the masculine was of showing appreciation.He didn't get out of his Navigator for a few minutes, in order to prepare himself for his next rule.Kurt knew Lauren was there, not only to act like a body guard, but to give him his new school schedule, which was mainly 'Puck's presence' orientated.Gucci, Kurt knew all too well what it was like to be lonely because of his sexual orientation.

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