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The role of the project manager, preparation of the project Master Schedule and project budget, scheduling and budgeting considerations and computer applications will be discussed.In addition, five popular scheduling techniques will be described and compared.The establishment of measurable objectives is mandatory so that performance can be compared to a standard. Specific Duration — It defines the time parameters within which the task is to be achieved.This is also necessary for evaluation of project progress.

Projects which are not completed within the time frame established by the Master Schedule almost invariably exceed planned costs.The role of the project manager is to effectively schedule, allocate, use, and replace resources to achieve specified project goals.One of his or her primary project tasks is to schedule and budget the activities and resources (people, materials, and equipment) so that resources are available when needed, activities are completed in the correct order, and the project objective is reached in a cost effective and efficient manner.It must be: • Understandable by those who must use it; • Sufficiently detailed to provide a basis for measurement and control of project progress; • Capable of highlighting critical tasks; • Flexible, easily modified and updated; • Based upon reliable time estimates; • Conform to available resources; and • Compatible with plans for other projects that share these same resources. These statements form the foundation for the entire planning process, including development of the Master Schedule.The project manager must be aware from the outset of the scheduling process that many factors must be considered in preparation of the project Master Schedule. The project objectives will be reviewed frequently throughout the project.These are planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.

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