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Lucky for those people, Tnaflix offers a wide collection of HD videos so the only blurred visuals viewers have to worry about are the weirdly censored genitalia in Japanese porn. If Google made a porn site (which they definitely should), it would probably come out similarly to Bustnow.

They have an alphabetical search feature to help users find exactly what they need to “bust now,” and they also have reviews on the site so you don’t get suckered into watching two lackluster performers giving a B-effort for a paycheck. Tubethumbs has ton of categories that get oddly specific, such as “Friend’s Mom” or “Teen Anal 18/19,” just so you don’t get stuck on any of those 20-year-old grandma anal vids people hate so much.

In fact there’s so many of them, it can be hard to exactly what you’re looking for.

Want to know where to find the best Asian porn sites? Want to know the best place for your bizarre fetish? It’s like your best friend who always knows the best places to find chicks, except these girls are stuck in a virtual reality. For some people, the only quality that matters in porn videos is how hot the girls look.

However some cinephiles can only jack off to 1080p resolution.

It has tons of videos with “girls next door”-type vibes.

There’s also a lot of obscure videos that you wouldn’t find on other sites either.

Honestly, Netflix should consider importing some of these innovations. Despite the name, Bigtube isn’t entirely devoted to large pieces of genitalia, although there’s plenty of that.

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