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Prior to its creation, the property was used as a polling station, police headquarters, and even a farm.

Pictures dating back in our waterpolo archives detail the clubs waterpolo team as far back as 1945.

These were fun cars to drive back then and they still are today.

There is a cult following for this car that blows most people's minds.

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The Ta' Xbiex Waterpolo Club was first established in the early 1940’s.Natamasa ng Indonesia ang kanilang kasarinlan pagkatapos ng Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig.Ang kasaysayan ng Indonesia noon pa man ay magulo, at sinubok ng maraming kalamidad, suliranin, banta ng separatismo, at ng panahon ng mabilisang pagbabago at paglago ng ekonomiya.Ang magandang baybaying posisyon ng Indonesia ay nagbigay daan sa kalakalang sa mga kalapit pulo at sa iba pang mga lugar.Halimbawa ng mga kalakalang nabuo ay parehong sa mga Kahariang Indiyano at sa Tsina na nabuo mga ilang dantaon BCE.From our exclusively imported Sicilian olive oil to the organic fresh herbs and rucola that are supplied ...

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