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'Need to protect children' "The need to protect our children is above the right to anonymity for criminals," said Justice Minister and Attorney General Zbigniew Ziobro.

To emphasize the pig-nose joke, a molded metal knob that bore (or boar) resemblance to a pig’s snout was used as a volume control.If convicted offenders were hired to work with children, the employer could face a fine or even imprisonment.A registered sex offender has been arrested in Australia under the "world's toughest" crackdown on underage sex tourism.Canberra now has the right to seize both Australian and foreign passports.() Poland’s Catholic Church has apologized to victims of child sexual abuse by priests, vowing a "zero tolerance" stance.Poland's Justice Ministry has made an online register of some 800 sex offenders, complete with names and photos, publicly available for the first time.

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