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Natalie Urwyler was dismissed as a senior anesthesiologist and assistant professors at the Inselspital in Bern after 11 years.

A long-term breakdown in trust was the formal reason for her dismissal, but she claims it was because she was a woman.

CNN Money Switzerland reporter Sarah Chiarello caught up with Raynald Aeschlimann, CEO and president of Omega, on the importance of their relationship with the International Olympic Committee. CNNMoney Switzerland's Martina Fuchs sits down with reporter Olivia Chang to talk about Chinese New Year and what it means both here and abroad.

Why do we give away money in red envelopes during Chinese New Year? This year, February 16th marks the first day of the Year of the Dog in Chinese astrology.

Last week, a court in Bern confirmed she has been discriminated against due to gender.

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It's aimed at young women entering the business world, as Tanya K├Ânig reports.

So there's a long way to go to be back on track," says Christian Laesser, professor at the University of St. Among the challenges includes shrinking markets and baby boomers hanging up their skis.

But there's a bright outlook for winter tourism in Switzerland and things look promising in the long-term.

The company is opening its doors to more hotel listings and Lehmann believes the new strategy is a chance for Airbnb to grow even bigger.

"Even though the numbers for this season look promising, we are still way below the five-year average.

He tells CNNMoney Switzerland that promoting the ski culture is key, as well as offering other activities like hiking.

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