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You have created an RSS feed and it is now stored at root of your website.You must let browsers knowing the existence of this file and its location, when they enter and display the home page (or any other page if you want).

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RSS feeds are displayed by Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2. The RSS feed is displayed as a list of titles (and optionally summaries). Some links to such tools are provided in resources. At start, this is just a simple text file, created with any text editor. - link: the URL of your website: example: https://fr - description: description of your website, about 200 characters, this may be the text assigned to the content attribute of the description tag, in the head section of the home page. Design a small image (88x31 for example) in a common format (gif, jpg, png) and put in into the same directory that the RSS file.

Firefox will display the feed icon into the URL field, Internet Explorer on the bar of commands.

To activate them, insert the following line into the source code of the page, anywhere inside the Hi, I just discovered RSS feeds.

To get information or news provided by websites in a format computers can process. And for the provider of the content, this allows it to send news about its site.

The RSS system to publish articles and news over the web is very simple: It is an XML file and the global container is the "RSS" tag for the 2.0 format. The overall structure is as that: The channel will be the same for all your RSS feeds.

The idea behind RDF was to help create a Semantic Web.

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