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(Mark is the smartest guy I’ve ever met and is the definitive expert on Windows internals.That he left Windows for Azure during the early Windows 8 days says a lot, I think.) But regardless of the details, it’s fair to say that a lot of the “One Windows” stuff Microsoft touts now comes directly from these efforts to “carve off a bottom chunk of Windows” and make the system more componentized.Each release has taken about three years, and as Sinofsky himself noted later, “three years is about right for each release.”) Of course, before Windows Vienna/7 could ship, Microsoft needed to fix Windows Vista.

But Sinofsky was working on Windows two years before that, and he was responsible for Vienna.

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But Microsoft’s veil of secrecy was working: Unless I’m just missing it in my archives, I didn’t get another serious whiff of Windows 7—Microsoft spent much of 2007 fixing Vista, getting Longhorn Server ready, and working on products like Windows Live One Care—until late in the year, when news of “Min Win” componentization efforts were revealed.

Side note: news of Min Win triggered a mini-battle between me and Microsoft Fellow Mark Russinovich, who was then leading the Min Win efforts.

Finally, Microsoft relented, and agreed it was time to go public, about a week earlier than originally planned. Morro, of course, will be called Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) when it ships later this year around the same time as the Windows 7 general availability (GA) milestone.

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