Network problem validating identity


If you plan to use the best practices guide for Active Directory deployment, these worksheets are referred to during the deployment phase.Before you proceed with the design, ensure that you have: Active Directory infrastructure deployment can span both technology and business areas.The Best Practice Approach The best practice approach is based on the experience gained by the Active Directory development team from organizations that have successfully implemented Active Directory.

It contains worksheets throughout this document that will assist you in recording your design.

You should not proceed with the next step or task until you have completed the worksheets provided and had all responsible individuals approve the design choices.

Each worksheet builds on the information and decisions recorded in the previous worksheet.

These guides encapsulate planning and deployment expertise from Microsoft's product team with lessons learned from customers who have already designed and deployed Active Directory in their organizations.

Active Directory Deployment Scenarios Unlike special-purpose directories, Active Directory can play a variety of roles within an organization.

For example, deploying Active Directory in most companies requires integration with an existing DNS infrastructure.

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