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Aired on 8-9p ET • Tipster Warned FBI School Shooter Was "Going To Explode"; Ex- Trump Aide Pleads Guilty, Is Cooperating With Mueller; Mc Gahn, Rosenstein Discussed Kushner's Clearance Status 2 Weeks Ago; An In- Depth Look At Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Aired 9-10P ET • President Trump Supports Raising Age to Buy Rifle, NRA Rejects That: "Our Poistion Has Not Changed"; President Trump Suggests Bonuses for Armed Teachers.

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Trump Didn't Use Florida Massacre To Attack Mueller Probe; NY Times: Jared Kushner In Struggle With John Kelly Over Kushner's Access To Classified Information.

Aired 9-10p ET • President Trump Blames President Obama for Russian Interference, Tweets Out-of-Context Quote; Florida State House Rejects AR-15 Style Weapons Ban; School Shooting Survivors Demand Action On Gun Control; Searching For Americans Targeted By Russian Trolls; The Unwitting: The Trump Supporters Used By Russia; Are There Still Russian Agents Active In The US? Aired on 8-9p ET • President Trump Uses Florida Massacre to Attack Mueller Probe; CNN Exclusive: Mueller's Interest in Jared Kushner Expands to Include Foreign Financing Efforts; CNN Exclusive: Mueller Inquiring About Jared Kushner's Talks With Potential Chinese Investor; WH: Pres.

From NY pretty soon, well, you’re a woman, but an accidental death was so big that 30 years.Trump Supports Background Check Improvement; Students Put Pressure on Lawmakers to Act; Protests Activism after Florida School Shooting; School Shooter in Court More Signs of Missed Warnings; Florida Student Speak Out for Gun Control; Presidential Tweetstorm. Trump Slams FBI's Handling of Tip on School Shooter; Pres.Trump Falsely Says He Never Said Russia Didn't Meddle; President Trump Uses Florida Massacre to Attack Mueller Probe; Student Protest in Wake of High School Shooting; CNN Exclusive: Mueller's Interest in Jared Kushner Expands to Include Foreign Financing Efforts.Aired 9-10p ET • New Details On White House Cover-up After Porter Abuse Allegations; The White House Innocence Project; Pres.Trump Defends Porter, Doesn't Mention Women; Another White House Aide Resigns Amid Abuse Allegations; Up To 40 Administration Officials Still Lack Full Security Clearance; White House Cover-Up Over Porter Scandal.Aired 9-10p ET • School Shooting Survivors Speak, Rally, Demand Action; School Superintendent Speaks Ahead of CNN Town Hall; Superintendent: We Don't Need To Put Guns In The Hands Of Teachers; Stoneman Douglas Alumni Tribute; Shooting Survivors, Lawmakers About To Speak At Town Hall; Pres.

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