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Its issue on this folk compendium CD makes it the earliest available Bloomfield recording.Don Wilson later formed a graphic arts company with photographer Peter Amft and did album cover illustrations for Bloomfield and many others.Hammond was so impressed with the guitarist that he wanted to hear him in person.

The narrative was transcribed and later published by City Lights in 1980 under the title “Me & Big Joe.” Scott Summerville assisted in bringing the tale to print.On the night of the day President Kennedy was assassinated, Melford recalled they were on stage at the Fickle Pickle.They also had a booking agent who got them gigs around the Midwest.A version also appeared in High Times magazine with illustrations by Robert Crumb. "So Many Roads" was released by Vanguard in 1965 but was probably recorded in the summer of 1964.Bloomfield may have been visiting New York City at the time with his then-sidekick Charlie Musselwhite, sitting in at various folk clubs.Paul Butterfield and Elvin Bishop also frequently performed at these Ida Noyes sessions.

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