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She says: ‘you hate it – I can tell, no – I’m not buying it!

’ Then we have to go to another shop.” 13) “For me the most confusing thing about women is their hormones.

Of course, women can have commitment issues, as well; I'm just speaking from my own personal experiences and a man's point of view.

When it comes to communication, women just aren’t as direct (and some would say ‘blunt’) as men. I’m forever intrigued, forever confused, forever in love! Well, I’m confused as to how they always manage to smell so good and how they can have such soft skin. ” 9) “When a woman holds up two dresses – for example a red and a black one and says: ‘which shall I wear tonight?Men get straight to the point, whereas women explore their emotions and give out subtle clues, which they expect men to decode. It’s that moment when you’ve both been flirting, shared a few bottles of wine and you’re not quite sure if you should lean in for a kiss. Unless you’re interrupting sport, meat, beer or the holy trinity; all three. Can never pick up on signals, you’re hot then you’re cold (Katy Perry), you laugh then you cry, you say it’s ok, but it’s actually a challenge – it’s not ok and you’d rather I did something, you want the alternative! I can’t break this question down because understanding women is like understanding how the world began! Sometimes it’s nice to be confused and listen more to the chemistry than the logic! Also when I spontaneously bought a girl a big box of chocolates – first thing she said was: ‘what are you feeling guilty about? ’ You say the black then she says she prefers the red, so you say: ‘ok wear the red,’ but she says ‘you obviously don’t like it, you said wear the black before!From nightmare shopping trips to gossiping with girl friends – I asked 25 men to tell me what they find confusing about women – here’s what they said: 1) “Does ‘everything’ count? Mixed signals are so confusing and just not appreciated. Then we might rain check.” 2) “This conversation: ‘I’m really hungry! ’ ‘I don’t know…’ Also the over-thinking trivial things and the playing of mental games.” 3) “Everything! ” 4) “When your girl asks you to tell the truth – whether this or that suits her and when you do, she sulks.” 5) “I just can’t understand when girls say they don’t really care about Valentine’s Day then if you forget to get a present/card they go in a strop. ’ It’s like banging your head against a brick wall!Women, in juxtaposition, can be angry and have no reason why, or not even know what they are angry or emotional at.They can start the day angry because they are late and by the end of the day it’s because there is a t-shirt on the floor. Women on the other hand are 250 million shades of grey.If a girl looks terrible in an outfit, it’s a guy’s job to say she looks great. They would however, learn not to wear stuff like that again. I know being fashionably late to parties is understood, or to make an entrance when everyone’s there etc- but when it comes to, say a dinner date, and you book a table at a restaurant for a certain time – knowing full well your date is going to be late, or kind of late. Why can’t a guy be allowed to go for comfort with his footwear? The whole let’s send misleading texts or mix up signals constantly, so it becomes like some stupid, frustrating game.

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