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She Has More Ties to Kardashian Than Just Appearance Although Molinaro isn’t commenting on the reports, she was rumored to be dating Reggie Bush. This followed a number of online reports that the two were getting cozy. She’s Shared the Big Screen with Paris Hilton Critics panned it, and IMDB lists it as its 18th lowest-ranked movie by users, but the 1994 flick was Paris Hilton‘s big-screen debut, and Molinari had a small part in it.Twitpics emerged in June of Bush coming out to BOA Steakhouse in L. In the low-budget flick, she played a girl named Melissa. Her Parents Inspired Her to Be Career Driven“My dad put me on skates at the age of two, and I took figure skating,” Molinaro says of her hockey fan father.Her resemblance to Kardashian was considered so strong that Old Navy was sued by Kim K.

‘They’re saying, “Oh my god, [people are] saying you look like Kim Kardashian! So just who is Melissa Molinaro, the 29-year-old Kim Kardashian lookalike Reggie Bush is dating? Born in Toronto, Molinaro's family moved to Rochester Hills, Michigan when she was 13. Us Weekly uncovers some need-to-know info about the brunette beauty! The Canada-born actress is unfazed by the comparisons to Kardashian. Bush and Molinaro allegedly met two years ago, but were always seeing other people, so they stayed platonic friends until they reconnected last summer.Molinaro appeared in MTV's , with Audrina Patridge and Katerina Graham, she is now recording her debut album. The model in an Old Navy ad with a striking resemblance to a particular reality starlet is Canadian-born entertainer Melissa Molinaro, who tells PEOPLE she’s “really proud” of the commercial despite controversy around it.

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