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After 5-10 years they become smooth and velvety with pronounced fruit characteristics of damsons, raspberries, blackcurrants and loganberries.

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The Syrah variety is used, but legally Marsanne and Roussanne can be added to the blend (up to 15 percent).They can be recycled, raising funds to help people who are visually impaired. Whatever you are doing this December, hope it’s happy, healthy and please…your stamps.For Emmanuel, 2015 was a relatively dry year – unusual in the sense that his vineyards are in Roche le Glun and therefore fairly near to the river.Reasonably low yields are a crucial factor for quality as is picking at optimum ripeness.Its heartland, Hermitage and Côte Rôtie, consists of 270 hectares of steeply terraced vineyards producing wines that brim with pepper, spices, tar and black treacle when young.This year’s Royal Mail stamps from the UK are really beautiful.

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