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When I go to Boodigo and search for Stoya, the first thing that comes up is Stoya's website. They had come up with Boodigo and we said, "What does that mean? Colin: Ours are probably more normal and mundane than anybody I know.

We live in a small town in New Hampshire, Angie breeds Labrador retrievers as a side hobby, and I restore old wooden boats. Three or four times a year, we will go to an adult trade show, but for the most part, our version of real big fun was like last week, we went down to Martha's Vineyard for a few days.

We joked that I should answer the door in a long hippie dress," says Janet Williams*, who's wearing jeans and a T-shirt as I step into the living room of her suburban Orlando home. " says her husband, Eric, who looks like he's dressed for a round of golf in a polo shirt and shorts.

They're low-key and welcoming, even though I'm here to grill them about what they do naked: specifically, getting intimate with other couples at swingers parties.

Colin is recognized as the director of Wasteland, but I'm the director of Sssh and I edit Sssh and I approach the models and I'm the editor for the content, and I find that so frustrating because if you look at our movies and the interaction, I'm like, So it's really, really nice that at every opportunity, Colin will step up to the plate and say, "No, is hers."What led you to create a porn search engine that also doesn't promote piracy or harvest user information?

Colin: Angie and I were just experiencing frustration with things like Google and Bing.

I get so frustrated when I used to go to Google and I would type in "Stoya" and then all of a sudden I see a torrent that says, "Don't pay for this porn star's website. Where am I going to get the money from if people aren't, you know, paying for their porn like they would any other movie? We do have a system in place we're going to roll out, I'm guessing some time soon, called Boodi Ads.

Angie: Google does a great job as a search engine in terms of giving back relevant results, but yeah, it's hurting the adult industry. At what point are the producers not going be able to make more movies? I have an editor, I have cameras, I have equipment, I have performers. We also put them in hotels, we pay for transportation, we have computers and rendering.

At first glance, it's hard to imagine Janet, 33, stripping down in a room full of strangers.

She's gorgeous in a clean-cut sort of way, but her olive skin, Brooke Shields brows, and curvy figure make me bet every guy she works with has a crush on her.

Now they've launched, a safe search engine to find pornography that's not pirated or full of viruses, and that won't steal all of your information along the way. We put together this catalog and then I thought, I wonder if we put some of these things up on the Internet if people will order a catalog.

In 1994, they founded the BDSM website together, and in 1999, Angie started the first ever porn site for women, by women, called I was at the Boston gift show when she came in my booth and that's where we met. I went up and talked to them and said, "We do mail order if you'd be interesting if having some of your stuff in mail order" and they said, "Absolutely." So they gave me a whole set of really, really nice photography, really, really gorgeous women in clothing, pretty PG-rated; it wasn't porny at all.

They do all the things most married couples do: go to movies, walk their yellow Lab, work out (which explains the abs; they run every morning at 6 a.m.).

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