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Making the Connection After you set your dating criteria, Match displays general search results, and you can fine tune what's shown by clicking on tabs."Mutual Match" shows the profiles that most closely match what you're looking for (and vice versa), and "Reverse Match" highlights users who are looking for people like you.Our tests demonstrated that Match approves most changes in under 10 minutes, however, so that's perhaps less awful than it sounds., a premium online dating site, lets you do just that courtesy of a service designed to, well, match you with a potential partner. e Harmony straight up tells potential customers that they'll need to fork up cash in order to play the dating game.

Unique to Match, Email Filters not only decrease spammy emails, but also save you time by displaying profiles of the individuals that you would actually consider.

Email filters are similar to search filters and can be adjusted at any time.

Profile pages contain the usual location, age, ethnicity, and other background/biographical information.

Any changes you make to your profile must first be approved by, which can prove irritating when you want to quickly fix a typo or swap photos.

Profile pictures can be "liked" or commented on, which provides an excellent route to passively show interest.

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