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” she made herself –a bedazzled hollow rod with a contact mic to be tied around your waist and used as a percussion instrument.“I said it in an interview before in Swedish but I love the sensation of wearing a strap on and I love the sensation of banging on a phallus,” Tamaki says laughing, “or is it called ‘phallic symbol’ in English?Then I just write them the only way I know how to write them.” It’s funny because –as underground as Tamaki’s presence seems to be online –the tracks themselves sound fairly straightforward when it comes to the format, and I wonder if it presents as some kind of alternative to the cheesy euphemisms that overlay the chorus-verse-chorus structure of your average pop.“It’s not really using pop songs as a format, that’s not something I choose because of the lyrics.Most songs about it are like ‘blow my whistle, baby’ or something,” Tamaki laughs, “It’s so weird”.

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But long before the duo merged sexuality with spirituality — actually, before they were even born — Conway Twitty was being more blatant about it, singing about exploring a woman's body, while Dolly Parton flat-out asked, "Could I use you for a while?

Thursday 1st March 2018Acclaimed Nashville folk duo returns for North Island Tour.

The track that really gained her notice is one used as a theme song for Stockholm film, .

“To be honest, the lyrics aren’t really the first thing that comes to me”, says Tamaki, through a phone-sized frame that’s angled up towards her, “it’s always the music and then I just have to feel the space there, with some lyrics.

When compared to rock and hip-hop, country music may seem like the innocent, God-fearing genre next door, but boudoir ballads and risqué country-rockers have been a part of the format for decades — often making waves on the charts. " Below are our picks for the 25 best country songs about sex, from hits by Twitty, Parton and Loretta Lynn, to Eric Church, Faith Hill and Miranda Lambert.

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