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She looks youthful here, but unrecognisable from the natural beauty she was 2010: Every inch the Hollywood matron at the Oscars this year, wearing diamond earrings.Her face looks rather tightly stretched, though, while her brunette hair colouring is somewhat ageing.There were rumours, though, that Johnson was drinking again, as well as being unfaithful.A storm was to follow 1994: Perhaps the last year that Melanie looked naturally beautiful.The pair married for the first time during this year.Both were on a roller-coaster of alcohol, cocaine and sex, but it had yet to take its affect on Melanie's appearance 1977: In a relaxed pose from the film One on One, Melanie looks natural and wholesome, the archetypal sun-kissed California beach babe.

The sparkle in her eyes shows her happiness - but the lines around them pay testament to how hard times have been 1990: Mousy-haired, and with more than a hint of baby weight from her pregnancy, yet Melanie was on a professional and emotional high this year.

The many facial changes have, in part, coincided with the ups and downs of her life.

Married four times — twice to Don Johnson — she has struggled with alcohol and drug addictions, before settling down with Antonio Banderas.

However, she divorces Johnson this year and later marries actor Steven Bauer, having a son, Alexander, with him in 1985 1987: Slightly puffy, the starlet's youthful bloom has begun to droop.

She divorces Bauer in this year, and hits the bottle, hard, piling on weight.

His chemistry with co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones, then 29, was duly noted 1999: Lips ahoy!

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