Live chat avenew for adults

Especially if they're miles away from you and you don't get to see them.

Anyways, I gotta thank this site 'cause I've met a whole lot of great people on here, and thanks to this site I met one of the greatest guys that you'll ever find.

Like the rest of the world; you offer something for free and you'll be amazed at who/what comes a-callin'.I've been on the site for close to 5 years and have found some pretty interesting people.However, the "moms" that are on here are not moms; the pictures you see in the profile are generally not them (SELFIES ARE NEVER legit); and people from around the world…" The moderator -- Sally Stitches -- muted me for asking the question, but allowed others in the room to continue with the graphic conversation.I also observed people using excessive profanity, such as the "f" word. Keep up the good work and cyas l8er Teenchat made my life different because I've met my first love here...

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