Lee dong wook lee da hae dating

According to a report, Li Yi Feng made a sudden day trip to Seoul the day before her birthday in order to celebrate with her.

However, Lee Da Hae's side denied this as agency FNC Entertainment revealed on May 13, "Lee Da Hae and Li Yi Feng are not dating at all.

She is someone I am grateful for, someone who was by my side when things were rough.

He will actively promote the success of the 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as the tourism boom of the Gangwon Province. An insider stated, “The two have been close friends for a long time.When hard times struck, they relied on each other and naturally became more than just friends.I haven't seen any other couple on screen who have showed such closeness as them. Today, Our Ji Wook went to Paris for the development of tour packages! lol, today is the screening of Fighting Spirit,but I can’t go…he just said this and sorry to me! kekeke That’s why who asked you to just take off alone like that? I really think there's something special going on between Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah. I've accepted the fact that since I can't be with Oppa Wookie, he might as well end up with someone I like (even if it's not Da Hae) who I am familiar with rather than end up with just any other girl..Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah are so close that even if their series, Scent of A Woman, has ended they still hangout together like go to Cebu for a vacation.

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