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The debate continues over whether pornography is detrimental to our sexual development and mental health.Detractors say it damages our intimacy and relationships. Now, you're dealing with the fact that, yeah, he committed the ultimate act of infidelity, and maybe he even owned up to it."A lot of people have affairs and their marriage can be strengthened after," she says. But it mean that any rash decisions made after you learn your spouse is cheating are unlikely to help rebuild your relationship.)"If you find your husband cheating, you'll feel angry, hurt, and betrayed.Today porn is viewable at the click of a button by anyone with an Internet connection, though it also comes in the forms of literature, audio, magazines, and more. Is it a harmless pastime or a pernicious addiction?

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Instead, she says, you need to take some time to figure out what everything means — because it doesn't necessarily mean divorce.

While you might be tempted to throw your wedding band out the window, You shouldn't act out, Laurie Watson, sex and relationship therapist and host of the podcast Foreplay, says, meaning: You shouldn't tell your kids or everyone you know that your spouse cheated.

Emily has been cast as the matriarch of the family.

She is best known for The Theory of everything, The Appropriate Adult and War Horse. She is the daughter of Hollywood stars Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke and this is her first big acting gig.

It is directed by My Mad Fat Diary’s Vanessa Caswill and produced by Playground, the company behind TV shows Wolf Hall and The Missing.

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