John singleton dating

STEPHEN GALLOWAY: When you're growing up, what do your parents do? JOHN SINGLETON: Most of my formative years, my mother was struggling through school to get herself through [California State University] Dominguez.First she was going to junior college at Southwest and then other places and then she went to Dominguez. I initially wanted to be a veterinarian, interestingly enough, or a computer science engineer.

STORY: TV Pilot Season Trend: More Black Actors "I'm germinating over that time, and talking to old friends, and having these emotional moments," he said, recalling how he met the 20-year-old Shakur: "I met Tupac through Queen Latifah in New York at this party that we were at, at a place downtown called Big City Diner. He was like, ‘F— Spike Lee, f— Eddie Murphy, f— Quincy Jones, f— all these fake-ass people. I'm going to come hard.' And I was like, ‘I want to work with him! He would hang out doing adventure trips, going to the Channel Islands. And you'd be like, "That's my bike and it's all over the place." "What, which one's your bike?

And did you think, I'm never going to be able to get into this? Or did you start thinking, this could be my career?

JOHN SINGLETON: I think it wasn't until high school where I thought, wow I could really do this.

JOHN SINGLETON: It seemed a million miles away from South Central Los Angeles.

STEPHEN GALLOWAY: That's what I was wondering, yeah. STEPHEN GALLOWAY: What kind of place did you think it was?

My friend Armand, he was the skinniest kid in the school, he weighed like 80 pounds, he was rail thin.

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