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We missed each other and something was drawing us together, but more than that, we wanted to make sure that this relationship was what God wanted for our lives.[In order to know] if we are meant to be together, we said, ‘it’s got to be God’s way and not our way.’ We didn’t want to half-step anything [or have clouded judgment]. You don’t want to drag somebody to church with you.Part of what I also do is preach and the thing that I couldn’t do, which was eating me apart…What was happening with me is that I would go and preach one thing but I was going and living another and I could not do it. I was like, ‘No, I cannot live like this,’ so I had to stop and say, ‘You know what, until I get married, that’s off the table.Before their wedding, Meagan and De Von chatted to Sister 2 Sister Magazine about their engagement, as well as the reports that they will not be having sex with each other until their wedding night.Times have changed, people’s views have changed, and even social standards for relationships have changed.

Ebony Magazine recently caught up with newlywed Tamera Mowry Housley and it looks as though she is quite passionate about ‘no sex before marriage’.So our right way was the way we felt God wanted us to do it which was being celibate. My husband wakes up on Sundays and says ‘Hey, are we going to church today? I dated guys who did not share those same beliefs and it was hard.We said to God, ‘This is who we are, I know you take us as we are, our faults, our fears, our joys, our hope as a couple and have your way.’I tried the ‘missionary dating’ [in the past] where you have a person with a great heart who you think is perfect and wonderful except for this one important area that you try to change. There were many nights of heartbreak and crying, and that’s not what God wants for us.But if you want to be celibate, definitely don’t live together [laughs] because that makes it harder for you. Surround yourself with people who support your decision, because they’re only going to root you on.Make that covenant with God and with each other and just let go.You can be a freak and just be a freak with one person.

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