Is 50 cent dating ciara bow wow dating now


I don’t have a business mentor but I do admire moves from guys at different points.

Ciara is a really good friend of mine and she came to show me support when I lost my grandmother because she had her relationship with my grandmother.Other times, however, the relationship ends in a bad breakup and thanks to the power and immediacy of today's media, we get to go along for the ride.Future stepped outside of the rap game to find his former bae Ciara, which in turn sent Twitter collectively tweeting every move they made a few years back when they fast-tracked from dating to a birthday engagement to pregnancy.Unfortunately, things, as they sometimes do in hip-hop relationships, went sour.From custody battles to Twitter rants to the ensuing public fall-out, fans have been looking like Michael Jackson in the theater during the "Thriller" video, slowly munching on popcorn, watching as things get wilder by the day.You got people out there that are supposed to just follow and not have any significance at all.

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