Interpersonal communication online dating

These profiles are what the online sites use to put the user in to a database to match interest and capability with others.To create these profiles many users without knowing use the perspective of The Generalized Other. Wood in her book Interpersonal Communication Everyday Encounters, describes it as “the perspective that reflects the views generally hold by others in a society.”(Wood, 49) Users take of the perspective of the generalized other when answering their profile questions to try to understand how others might view them when looking at their profile.With the growth of social media and technological advances, it seems only natural for online dating sites to become more popular and accepted.Online dating has started to effect the way relationships form.The study showed that this happens to compensate for “face-to-face interaction”.The need for “face-to-face interaction” comes from non-verbal communication.

For example, one might use the sense of touch to express intimacy or one might move physically closer to someone to show comfort.Cecilia Quiroga-Clare, in her article “Language Ambiguity: A Curse and a Blessing”, explains that language is Ambiguous meaning “it can be understood in two or more possible senses or ways”.This means when you are looking at the profile and it states that user’s profiles states they are tall, your definition of tall can be different from his or hers.This is what we initially based our opinions of others on.This raises some big questions on the online dating world because users can post enhanced and inaccurate photos of themselves. Toma found that online profiles had photographs that used some sort of self-enhancement.They would move right past him or her and they might have missed a possibility of having a great relationship with them.

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