Hiei dating quizzes

'Imgetting bored'Ink sighs to annoy you.'Is thatthe best you can do?

You hide your smile, but gaze into hiseyes, loving how strong he is and how caring heis. He is dying to getto know you but with all of these privateconvos with other people..can't. well ppl things are getting interesting you lookgreat very amazing and they all think sowhat's going to happen next? hmmm guess you'll haveto wait to find out bye ok so you have become queen given up the titlekilled all three royal children freed yourpeople and won Hiei's heart not bad huh? Yougot a third eye implanted just so you couldwatch over her. And well you got to finially finish thatimberrassing dare that Yusuke had to do andwell that da RE WAS THE MOST FUNNIEST THINGYUET! And Im sorry that I havent had you make it to Hieior Yumina yet well I did have to get youthere. ^-^ Your life with Hiei is going to go so well but Howwill the gange react to you and Hiei about toget mattied? He thinks your beautifuland smart, and everything he's looking for! Anyway, next will be the wedding, so bye fornow, so please rate and message! Whoa...human for life and the big tournament iscoming up? ~ draco~sure~u~alright~*u,d,tak,and raehowl(part lycan)hundreds of demons come,u killthem,took their powers,and gave it to drei.u~iask u,rae and drei,would u like to become ourbrother and siter? Ok well u and Hiei r about to try and kill a wholedemon race. U had to leave poor Katsuro and the girls behindand everyone's hope for getting out of thisalive is slim. And BTW this a picture of you and Kyoko in your demon goddesses form. ^___^ Still sweet as ever, and still know how todefend yourself, BOOYAH! ^___^ SO youabout to launch into another battle, Who willwin? The only person you have apparentfeelings for is your twin sister, Yukina. Well you guys had alot of fun tonight and well gotto know people more to if you know what imean! but I dont care about Kuwabara..thats sort of mean so let himlive..now! Okay wellthe next one should be out really soon okay! Anyway, you two love eachother so much, I wish I was you who was gettingall the love from Hiei. I hope youand Hiei have a nice wedding and live happilyever! *Hiei is toobusy in love with his wife-to-be* Yeesh! ~draco~lord voldermort,mam~u~hn i killedthat weak oaf,alright do u wish to bacome ademon? And though the baby's now herethere's still more to this story. And Hiei might be warming up to he shouldalready be warm because you think that he isyour lost friend Hiei. Oh and if you want to hear 'Time Scar'then go to my homepage. Well You found out that that Hiei was you friendand now you have a friendship back that youonce lost. ^^ and remember, the moremessages is get, The faster is work! You run to pushhim, and you run toward hiei in great speed. Not to mentionthat you're confused about your feelings forhim, even though we all know that you love him,but I wonder who or what's behind you. Anyway, Hiei wasthinking that you brought him to the cave forsomething more, but what is he thinking? You jump baseball(head first)style and pushboth of you out of the way just before theshadow orb hits any of you. Ihave some good ideas for the next one so justhelp on the title! So far Hiei told you that he loves you, that's goodnews if I must say, no! you ask him nervously'What if I don't knowwhat to do? 'Yusuke justhugs you softly and says'You know you have tochoose one or the other, or all of us willdie'he pulls away and stands up again. He won'toutwardly admit to his curiosities and askquestions so you must initiate it. whoare the people talking to you and what aboutthe power of Nympus?

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