Give out your number online dating Fit female webcams


My initial message I try to keep brief with an interesting headline to catch some attention. If i get a positive response to my initial message I will usually give out my phone number in my more detailed follow up message as well as my facebook url. It amazes me how quickly men give their phone number in the first contact. I've been asked for my number just as quickly and I ignore the request so that I won't live to regret it!

Although I have heard of some men including a phone number in the initial message I feel it is too aggressive. If I have a true interest and feel that the interest is mutual, I'll offer my number.

There are too many scams on these free sites, and I'll be darned if I'm going to give out my number right away to someone who I do not know. Almost every message I receive they put their phone number in wanting mine or me to call.

I enjoy some emails back and forth and like it was said earlier, it all depends on where the conversation is going. Some say they don't want to email back and forth and I usually tell them good luck.

I like to email a few times and if it's going pretty good I will agree to meet up. I made the mistake of giving my number to one after a few short emails and that is only because I found out a mutual friend knows him in person. My telling him I'm not interested and ignoring him hasn't stopped it.

I received one message from a guy that wanted me to meet him on a first date fishing with his friend on the river and expected my phone number.

Still though, I keep a prepaid phone handy with a number assigned to it aside from my regular number.

Other than that I have not given my number unsolicited. Here is a scenario that I've encountered a couple of times. We each send 3 to 6 messages over the course of a 1 - 3 weeks. Moving forward from that, if I send anything else it gets ignored.That does seem to be one of those "unwritten rules", I think even regardless of age, that the guy's still supposed to be the "initiator" (e.g. At some point whenever appropriate, I usually include something in an email to the effect that, "if you'd like to try chatting on the phone, here's my #, or else I can give you a call if easier." Nine times out of ten, they'll leave their number and indicate for me to make the call first.And seems to be one of those "hard-wired" things, that makes no difference even if they're self-described "feminists"! Many times a phone call will tell you if there's a reason to meet.String the guy along via e-mail, probably never intending to actually meet them, only to stroke your own ego.Get a pen pal, be honest about what you want and stop pissing off the people who DO want to meet someone. I always do that, or suggest "Hey why dont you text me , cause it sucks trying to continuously email all the time" Its true, especially when the emails are short and its just easier in this day and age to text.If you were concerned about safety or privacy, you would be willing to pony up the for a throw away cell phone, but that isn't what it is about, is it?

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