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Consider turning that gently used i Phone 6S (and 6S Plus, 6 Plus, 6, and 5C) into the equivalent of an i Pod Touch, perfect for kids wanting an i Device to call their own.

To get started using an old i Phone as an i Pod Touch, insert a SIM card into the phone — be sure the card is from the same wireless carrier that the phone uses.

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I see you mention how you like the i pad things but just as you mentioned he was 8 and loved gaming as does my son thought I would mention it.

I had to 'live chat' with Amazon to remove the ad's from my lock screen which they did no problem (DH didn't realise).~x~ I have a fire and as I mainly use it for browsing online & kindle the reduction in app's hasn't been an issue.

Your support, love and appreciation means everything!

Connect the i Phone to an Internet-enabled computer with i Tunes.

The program will activate the i Phone, letting you use it as an i Pod Touch.

Make sure to enable a Wi Fi network, and you're good to use apps and listen to music as before!

The newest i Pod Touch to hit the market may come with a few wow-inducing features it's never seen before, like dual cameras and Face Time video chatting, but the first thing you'll notice about the 4th generation i Pod Touch is the form factor. It makes my old 3GS feel like a chunky paperweight in your hand, which is saying a lot since the 3GS was never really thick to begin with.

The i Pod Touch comes with i OS 4, so you can multitask and organize with folders but is also packed with a new retina display, the Apple Game Center app, and is compatible with the Nike app so you can track your runs and fitness (my review on that app later).

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