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A hearing and final decision is slated for the commission’s next meeting, set for 6 p.m., Thursday.If the commissioners vote in favor of moving forward with a designation, it will move to the city’s Planning Commission for review.

The aldermen passed the designation in a slim majority, but it ultimately died with Holtzinger’s veto.An overlay can be placed over an individual property or over a district.It gives the city’s Historic Preservation Commission and staff members authority to review and approve major exterior changes to the properties.With a booming “Demolition in Baker Park” headline, the flier contains background about the case and a fact sheet explaining why the Historic Preservation Commission is involved in the decision to demolish the home, what it means to establish an Historic Preservation Overlay, and other information.The flier encouraged residents to submit information to staff members and to attend Thursday’s hearing. for nine years, is one of several neighbors who have spoken out against the demolition.I think they are the kind of people we should be welcoming into our community and we should be helping them adapt.”Historic preservation Commissioner Stephen Parnes, who voted July 13 against pursuing the individual designation for 210 Magnolia, said before the vote that residents need to pursue a district overlay in order to prevent individual demolitions in the future.“This is kind of my first time in a neighborhood like this where something like this would even be brought up,” he said.

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