Floyd mayweather dating keyshia cole

[email protected] says the pair have been romantically linked for the last year and the boxer even bought her a black Benz last year.

Fun Fact: Keyshia’s biological father Virgil Hunter was also a boxer.

Keyshia also gets the last word, but things end with a friendly toast, so it seems things between the two of them are friendly…

the Jasmine exclusively reports, Keyshia Cole’s estranged husband, Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson wants full custody of their son. Gibson’s Response to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage) is what we in the family law sector call inclusive.

The captain of the Money Team must have some fire peen because Keyshia Cole reportedly acted a nut in Philadelphia this weekend trying to move her 35-minute concert for City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson’s Community Appreciation Day to an earlier timeslot so she could fly private to Vegas for Floyd’s fight.

According to NY Daily News [email protected] reports Apparently Cole couldn’t wait to get to Vegas, and “drove (everyone) crazy” in Philly, where, we’re told, she did everything she could to reschedule her show, before eventually getting the performance time changed from 7 p.m. so that she could make it to the desert for fight night.

Here’s a closeup pic: If you recall, once Keyshia locked Floyd down, she wasn’t going to let anything get her way of keeping him.

She even changed her work plans and took a flight cross-country so she could be ringside for his beatdown of Conor Mc Gregor in their epic, multimillion-dollar fight last month.

Her father, Virgil Hunter, is a boxing coach and he once trained Floyd.

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