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These were first published in the edition of 1752, as they passed the Colonial Assembly, but ten of them having been repealed by the kind's proclamation in April 1752, (b) which made a very important change in our system of jurisprudence, it became necessary to publish a new edition of our laws. This is evident from a variety of circumstances: in different parts of the book, we meet with these words, in manuscript, "Examin'd so far with the Rolls:" all the corrections made with the pen, in this copy of the edition of 1752, and all the manuscript notes are printed, word for word, in the edition of 1769; and the arrangement of the chapters, are precisely as the) are numbered in manuscript. Digitized by Google OCTOBER 1748— 22d GEORGE If- U *VI.

This produced the edition of 1769, which has long been known by the appellation of the old- body of the laws, in contradistinction to the Revised Code, contained in the editions of 1794, 18. Such of the acts of 1748, as had hern repealed b y proclamation in 1752, and such other acts of that session, as had been amended and re-enacted by the Legislature, after that event, are noted " not to be printed. Provided nevertheless, That such rent arrear But not for do not amount to more than one year's rent; and if more than more be due, then the party suing out such execu- ° ne ycar * tion, paying or tendering to such landlord, or his agent, one year's rent, may proceed to execute his judgment: and the sheriff or officer serving the same is hereby impoworcd and required to levy and pay to the plaintiff, as well the money or tobacco so paid for rent, as the execution money. And be it further enacted by tlie autlwrify afore* where ten- ' said.

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Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country.Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you.VIII, And that in case any lessee, for life or lives, Goods auv term of years, at will, or otherwise, of messuages, *jj?d ^'SF lands, or tenements, upon the demise whereof anv wi ^ 1 tcn rents are or shall be reserved, or made payable, shall days, at any time, fraudulently or clandestinely, convey or 'carry off or from such demised premises, his goods or ' chattels, with intent to prevent the J and lord, or lessor, .* From Chamberlayne's to Williams^, or Williams's to Chamberlayne's, 6 06 From Brick House to West point, or West point to Brick House 9 9 From Brick House to Dudley's, or Dudley's to Brick House, 10 10| From Webb's to Lydc's, formerly Spencer's, in Ring William county, 6 6 From Thomas Crenshaw's to the usual landing place, 3 OS From Temple's landing, over Matapo- tiy river, 3 tf From West point to Dudley's, or Dud- ley's to West points 6 6 From York town to Tindal's point, or Tindal's point to York, 7\ 7§ From Capahesick to Scimino, is is From Seaton's over Pianketank, 6 6 From Frazier*8 to Broach's, and from Broach's to Frazier's, 6 6 From Walker town to Waller's, or Waller's to Walker town, From Turk's Ferry over Pianketank, From Robert King's over Pamunky, to Blackwell's, or from Blackwell's to King's, 9 S 3 Digitized by Googk OCTOBER 174ft~*atd GEORGE II. Penalty on And if any ferry keeper shall presume to demanft taking great- urn!

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