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For information on the hotfix, see Microsoft article 929439, or visit the Microsoft Help and Support Site and search for "A MAPI program may not obtain a referral server".Warning: The following procedure involves modifying the computer registry.Document and back up the registry entries prior to implementing any changes.The following registry key must be installed on the Black Berry Enterprise Server.Rider 2017.3 enables debugging third-party code and extends the debugger in many other ways, introduces a new project wizard, adds C# Interactive, polishes unit testing UI, enables out-of-the-box TSLint and Coffee Script support, evolves Unity integration, adopts features from the latest Re Sharper Sometimes, you want to debug an assembly that you don't own source code for: a control library or a legacy module that doesn't quite work as expected.

Similar to Re Sharper, Rider's code formatting engine receives a major update.

If your instance fails a status check, first determine whether your applications are exhibiting any problems.

If you verify that the instance is not running your applications as expected, follow these steps: To investigate impaired instances using the Amazon EC2 console If an instance status check fails, you can reboot the instance and retrieve the system logs. Common problems: - Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline) - Check rootdelay= (did the system wait long enough?

After a period of time, the issue affects all Black Berry smartphones on the same Black Berry Enterprise Server.

[40700] (05/10 .411): Receiving packet from device, size=359, Transaction Id=-125876270, Tag=10343138, content type=CMIME, cmd=0x3 [30112] (05/10 .411): Receiving message from device, Ref Id=61937140, Tag=10343138, Transaction Id=-125876270 [40291] (05/10 .411): Refers to original message, Ref Id=-61687455 [20265] (05/10 .818): MAPIMailbox:: Send(pp MAPIMessage) - Submit Message (0x80004005) failed [20000] (05/10 .755): Send() failed: ERR_SUBMIT_MAIL, Tag=10343138 [40277] (05/10 .755): Sending message error to device for message 61937140 [40583] (05/10 .755): Sending packet to device, Size=45, Tag=3253538, Transaction Id=-968922336 [40700] (08/16 .993): Receiving packet from device, size=144, Transaction Id=235970971, Tag=21845940, content type=CMIME, cmd=0x3 [30112] (08/16 .993): Receiving message from device, Ref Id=1804147971, Tag=21845940, Transaction Id=235970971 [20482] (08/16 .993): Resolve Names MAPI Resolve Name(1) succeeded, but list does not contain Entry ID for all items [30147] (08/16 .993): MAPIMailbox:: Send(pp MAPIMessage) Cleanup - Hr Get One Prop (0x8004010f) failed [30000] (08/16 .462): Send() failed: ERR_BAD_RECIP, Tag=21845940 [40277] (08/16 .462): Sending message error to device for message 1804147971 [40583] (08/16 .462): Sending packet to device, Size=44, Tag=12466181, Transaction Id=-899521667The following entry may appear on the Black Berry smartphone for the failed to send message status, indicating the Black Berry Enterprise Server has lost its connection to the global catalog server and did not receive a referral: The Black Berry Enterprise Server cannot communicate with the intended global catalog server that is referenced in the Black Berry Enterprise Server service account Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) profile, as we attempt to continue to use the previously known good session between the Exchange server and the Black Berry Enterprise Server.

Note that this does not affect the Microsoft Exchange 2007 CDO v1.2.1 MAPI client.

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