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So much so, in fact, that his friend Bill Apter brought the idea to Vince Mc Mahon Sr.and offered to broker a deal between Kaufman and the WWF.Death” Williams and wanted to make him into someone who could give Austin a run for a couple of months in the fall, using his legitimate “tough guy” background.

It’s safe to say that few celebrities got as heavily into the role as comedian Andy Kaufman did in the early '80s.The plugin on our matching gift page and on the confirmation screen is boosting matches big time!PT Barnum certainly would have been proud of the promotional job done by the people behind the Conor Mc Gregor-Floyd Mayweather fight.MORE: Four wrestling retirements that didn't quite stick Plus, the great thing with wrestling is that you can fix the outcome for whoever you want to win.Which makes it all the more mystifying that there’s a whole industry built on betting on wrestling matches. Are they also accepting bets on the Harlem Globetrotter games?It was a perfect match for Kaufman, and he brought the inter-gender act to Tennessee in 1982 and was a smash hit with it.

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