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Eventually, Garrigan begins to lose faith in Amin as he witnesses the increasing paranoia, murders, and xenophobia.Amin replaces Garrigan's British passport with a Ugandan one to prevent him from escaping, which leads Garrigan to frantically seek help from Stone, the local British Foreign Office representative.During the incident, Garrigan takes a gun and shoots a mortally wounded cow because no one else has the presence of mind to put it out of its misery.Amin is impressed by his quick action and initiative.When the torturers discover Garrigan's absence, Junju is killed for aiding in the escape.Amin is informed too late to prevent it, while Garrigan tearfully remembers the people of Uganda.The Last King of Scotland received a limited release in the United States on 27 September 2006, a UK release on 12 January 2007, a French release on 14 February 2007, and a German release on 15 March 2007. The Last King of Scotland has an approval rating of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 181 reviews and an average score of 7.3 out of 10.In the United States and Canada, the film earned ,606,684 at the box office. The critical consensus states: "Forest Whitaker's performance as real-life megalomaniac dictator Idi Amin powers this fictionalized political thriller, a blunt and brutal tale about power and corruption".

Amin arranges a plane for the release of non-Israeli passengers, and the torturers leave Garrigan unconscious on the floor while they relax in another room. Junju, takes advantage of the opportunity to rescue him.The film has an approval rating of 87% at Rotten Tomatoes, and Whitaker won Best Actor at the Academy Awards, among others.In 1970, Nicholas Garrigan graduates from medical school at the University of Edinburgh.At the airport, one of Amin's bodyguards discovers Garrigan's plot to poison Amin under the ruse of giving him pills for a headache.Garrigan is beaten by Amin's henchmen before Amin arrives and discloses he is aware of the relationship with Kay.With dull prospects at home, he decides to seek adventure abroad by working at a Ugandan missionary clinic run by Dr. Garrigan becomes attracted to Sarah, who enjoys the attention, but refuses to engage in an extramarital affair.

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