Dvd studio pro 4 updating connections

Dynamic effects DVD-lab and DVD-lab PRO has strong integrated menu designer with multiple Undo/Redo.

DVD-lab PRO adds also new Dynamic FX textures that can be animated for Motion menus.

The Modern Windows GUI can be tweaked and reorganized to everybody taste even across multiple monitors.

DVD-lab PRO is also one of the very few applications on the market that grows with your requirements and knowledge.

You can use various Texture Fills and new Effects such as Metal Shine for cool effects such as metal, gold chrome, marble etc..

With the perspective transformation you can design a fresh, new non-planar menus and use powerful Package object that will simplify complex menus.

Cells and Delayed menu buttons We added delayed menu buttons for motion menus so you can create motion menu with a loop point for seamless transition from intro.

Movie Segment adds many small movies as one chapter into one large Movie object.In addition we added Smart compile options that will recompile only changes in menus and keep the pre-build vobs.More Menu Effects DVD-lab PRO can use even more effects on menu objects.As addition you can also edit the still screen that will be displayed during the audio playback.(For example a song title) The new version adds second channel and the ability to insert new still image on any audio mark.Multiple Audio and Subtitle Channels Each title in DVD-lab PRO can have up to 8 audio channels: AC3, MPA, LPCM or DTS and also number of subtitle streams.

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