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Instead, please use Winterbergstraße and access via Liebstädter Straße (this route is not shown on Google maps and many navigation systems). Enjoy a small selection of cold and warm snacks or try one of our hot Italian chocolates at the Panometer Café. Opening hours: During Dresden Panometer opening hours Barrier-free access Apart from the 15-metre high visitors' platform (access only via stairs), all exhibition and service areas are suitable for wheelchair users.Visitors can also view the Panorama from the ground level.A glass-ceilinged atrium floods the courtyard lobby with natural light, while the vintage-feel furnishings indicate that the creative clash of modern and historic is built into the Gewandhaus fabric.The [m]eatery bar restaurant also concentrates on its cuts, from homemade burgers to premium dry-aged beef from its own maturing chamber.Enjoy the unique oldtown view across the river Elbe.Situated in the city center, surrounded by Bellevue gardens all famous sights are just a short walk over the Augustus Bridge.Artist Yadegar Asisi’s panoramas tower 27 m high and have been an insider tip among exhibitions and museums in Dresden since 2006.

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DRESDEN 1945 takes you on a scale of 1: 1 on a journey through time in the Elbe metropolis immediately after the bombardments of 1945.

Senden Sie ihr oder ihm jetzt einen Sympathieklick oder eine Nachricht, lässt die Reaktion vielleicht nicht lange auf sich warten.

Etwas langsamer geht’s, wenn Sie per Klick aufs Foto oder das Pseudonym erst einmal einen Gegenbesuch starten und sie oder ihn bei Interesse als Favoriten speichern.

The Westin Bellevue Dresden is the only hotel in Dresden that enchants its guests with the world-famous "Canaletto view" of the Dresden Old Town on the other side of the Elbe River.

Find inspiration in one of the 340 rooms and suites with their elegant interiors, modern technology and exclusive bathrooms.

It works on the presumption that a long-lasting and successful relationship is based on a great number of mutual agreements of both partners in various areas.

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