Dating violence activities for middle school

The organization is focused to engage, educate and empower young people to prevent and end abusive relationships.

Find information on relationships, getting help, speaking up and ongoing campaigns.

He has more than a decade of experience working with nonprofits, community organizations and local government.

Preventing dating violence is a concern for school administrators across the nation.

The article is based on the grant report Building Healthy Teen Relationships: An Evaluation of the Fourth R Curriculum with Middle School Students in the Bronx by Amanda B. National Institute of Justice, “Building Healthy Teen Relationships: An Evaluation of a Dating Violence Prevention Program with Middle School Students” July 21, 2016, from

Boys learn to believe they have the right to use violent behaviors, and young girls learn to believe that it’s just part of being a couple.

There are options to text for help, and dozens of locations to find information online.

Finally, get a teenage perspective on important warning signs that school staff, teachers, health professionals and parents should be aware of.

Students who received more of the program showed delays in sexual activity and decreases in peer violence/bullying perpetration, and they rejected pro-violence beliefs and gender stereotypes.

Finally, when the researchers compared the schools with the program to those without the program, they found that students in schools with the program reported less bullying and substance use, whether they participated in the program or not.

It was, however, beneficial for high-risk students, particularly those already involved in dating violence, and reduced other negative behaviors, such as bullying, especially in schools where it was implemented well.

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