Dating vintage buttons


Sometime in the 1920s, feedsack manufacturers decided they may sell more product if the sacks were printed with colourful vibrant designs.This of course, flourished during the Depression, as it saved on material costs for the home sewer.These items focused on line, seam details and bias cut material. Materials such as silk, rayon and satin were used in evening wear, giving a lustrous and glamorous appearance.This look is most commonly found in Hollywood films of the era, and the starlets of these films inspired the fashions of everyday women.

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This was exactly as it sounds, a sack that held food, such as flour and grains.Here at the shop we regularly have customers seeking items from specific time periods or with particular details.Whether you’re on the hunt for a garment for a costume theme party or the perfect piece to add to your vintage collection, it is very beneficial to have some knowledge of how to figure out approximately when an article of clothing was made.Sleeves varied in style, but common sleeve styles were flutter, puffed, leg o’ mutton sleeves, and bishop sleeves.Capelets that covered the shoulders were also seen in evening wear and dressier garments.In the 30s the zipper became common in women’s fashion, though you may find garments with tiny metal snaps or buttons in place of a zipper.

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