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We still receive zero money for this publication and we are not supported by any user group or chapter, it's just a way for us to show how cool our project and community are.Feel free to send us comments or to start your own journal (we're eager to read it and we can help you to start it!Under the section Derivation and other types of word formation the article clearly states that from a linguistic point of view compounds are not considered to be derivations: Derivation can be contrasted with other types of word formation such as compounding. Note that derivational affixes are bound morphemes – they are meaningful units, but can only normally occur when attached to another word.In that respect, derivation differs from compounding by which free morphemes are combined (lawsuit, Latin professor).You're invited to participate however you like and to suggest next month's topic.If you participate, please let us know here or on Meta, to keep track on the evolution of Lexi Session.I'm leaving it to the community to decide what is the best way of dealing with their legacy.Though it is not highly desirable content at this stage in Wiktionary's development, I don't see any 'obvious' problem with example you highlight, the entry for Karachi-Bela Division. DCDuring (talk) , 1 January 2018 (UTC) It would seem there is no "Karachi-Bela Division" of Pakistan.

Like other pages deleted at RFDO, there are more special cases in which they may be deleted (say, if the page lacks descendants). There, I was told that Derived terms list terms that are morphological derivatives. I looked it up at Wikipedia (Morphological derivation).—Mahāgaja If you look at the block log for some of these accounts, you'll notice we dealt with this person back in 2013 & 2014- it was obvious at the time what they were up to.My impression at the time was that this was a typical expat wannabe hardliner trying to rewrite geographical terminology to fit their Pakistani/Islamist worldview. This is the place where many a historic decision has been made and where important discussions are being held daily.If you have a question about fundamental Wiktionary aspects—that is, about policies, proposals and other community-wide features—please place it at the bottom of the list (click on ), and it will be considered.We make a point to preserve all discussions that were started here in the archives.

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