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In its essence groupthink can be viewed iether as: From this point of view skeptics can be viewed as people with high natural or trained ability to withstand group pressure. As social importance of group conformity is high they were often persecuted.Some heretics were burned on stake during Middle Ages.

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Lord John Acton's (1834-1902) famous sentence, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." (Letter to Bishop Creighton, April 5, 1887) reflects the same idea.

In other words, the phenomenon was recognized long before fascism conducted its large-scale social experiment on German and Italian people and Bolsheviks brainwashed Russian population, creating a secular religion out of Marxists philosophy.

Because we cannot fathom the whole of humanity, our loyalty will always be to a group.

That means that the highest form of altruism will always be to sacrifice for a group. Absence of limits means horrible things: we can say that fascism is an ideological groupthink taken to the extreme. Groupthink is essentially a natural mechanism (humans are social animals) related to a spontaneous consensus-seeking tendency in groups, attempt to find the balance between interests of the individual and the group.

At the same time many achievements of humanity (for example dominance of secular states) are due to people who sacrificed their lives for defending their own view of things and events.

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