Dating questions to get to know


Some are fun and lighthearted, and others are deep and poignant.This massive list of get to know you questions can be used to break the ice and form a lasting bond.This is a great question on a first date as it will tell if you and your date have a similar sense of humor. Knowing what types of music people like will give you a great peek into who they really are.Some of the greatest undiscovered mysteries are here on Earth, but nobody knows what deep space holds.Would you go with X to get it over with as quickly as possible? The possession that they choose will reveal what they care most about. If you asked 100 people this question, you will see a wide range of answers from, “a place to lie down at night,” to “anywhere family is.”Love is one of those intangible concepts that everyone experiences in their own unique way.This is a straightforward question that can help you to understand why they do what they do now. This is the one of the best questions to ask to get to know someone since it helps them open up.Here’s another question that gauges a person’s adventurousness.

This question seems silly, but it shines some light into what’s important to the other person.

This thought-provoking question always produces a list of surprising answers. This is a really good get to know you question, as your friends’ hobbies, their dreams, and hugely influential in who they are.

This simple question opens up discussions about traveling abroad, common interests, world cuisine, and trips around the globe.

This question reveals a lot about their culture, beliefs and family ties.

Questions about childhood memories always bring us closer and bring about a relaxed but personal conversation. Talk about that transcendent sonic experience you once had.

But these handy questions to ask to get to know someone can make it significantly easier for both of you.

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