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Not wanting to be penalized for turning homework in late, I go up to her at the end of class and ask where I should turn it in, only for her to “remember” and have the class turn everything in.This goes on for a few weeks before some of my classmates come up to me at my desk prior to the start of school.) “You need to stop running to [Teacher] and reminding her about the homework.When you combine those decisions with all the necessary self-regulation involved with teaching kids, it’s no wonder our willpower is gone by five o’clock. A second reason teachers are tired is the effect of high-intensity emotions.High-intensity emotions like anger, frustration, excitement, and elation are physiologically taxing. The boy is asking for two slots, one for him and one for his dad.)(School was cancelled due to a snow day, so I have been called into work by my boss to open.

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I am ten years old, and my family has recently moved because of my mother’s job.

They have to That might be true, but just know that your excitement, combined with your moments of anger, frustration, and even elation, will tire you out. When we worry, we imagine and anticipate negative events.

Our stress levels elevate and our bodies activate their fight-or-flight responses.

Our hearts beat faster, we sweat, and our immune systems prepare to fend off threats. Teachers worry for all sorts of reasons: So that’s why we’re tired all the time: we make a ton of decisions, we cycle between high-intensity emotions, and we worry too much.

There’s a lot more to it, and there are steps you can take to be less tired.

Low blood sugar leads to physical fatigue, which is why you’re so tired, even though the heaviest thing you lifted was a textbook.

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