Dating portuguese brazil

Brazilian Portuguese is not a tough language for programmers when the subject is internationalization.Coders will not face many difficult programming issues regarding the language alone.Probably of these, you know Pay Pal, but it is not as well known in Brazil as you might think it is.

CEP is the same as ZIP code, but its nomenclature is XXXXX-XXX (always 5 numeric digits hyphen 3 numeric digits).

When shipping to Brazil, it would be a good practice to add message to your site during the order confirmation, informing users that Brazilian customers must be aware of the 60% import duty risks and that buyers are responsible for any additional costs.

Thus, you avoid complaints, and your site would stand out among other sites regarding localization features.

An an example for “Two thousand and thirty-four cents”: (BRL in comparison to USD): In Brazil there are 27 Federative Units (UF, or simply State).

UF is a mandatory field in all addresses, and in a form it comes after the city field.

Below you find some of the unit measurements used in Brazil: So again: no pounds, ounces, miles and feet.

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