Dating only once a month

One of the myths around long distance relationships is that they are always or more likely to fail than other kinds of relationships.However, there is actually no evidence to suggest that this is true.Online dating has made many more willing to give a long distance union a chance.Virtual relationships do indeed let people forge real connections even if they live on opposite ends of the country.In fact, nearly a third of all people who claim they are in this type of relationship say these are college relationships.Non-marital relationships are not the only ones in which long distance may be a factor.For instance, the overwhelming majority of long distance relationships, more than two-thirds end when the couple does not plan for changes in the relationship.A couple that has been together but finds itself apart at some point will need to make some adjustments in order to make the relationship work.

While some couples on average think a separation may only last about 14 months, many may end after less than five if the couple feels it will not work.Setting some ground rules for what can and cannot happen in absence is also vital.As recommended by Jamie Miller (he sent us an email) couples should purchase hands-free phones.This allows one to do laundry or daily treadmill runs or other chores while talking to their partner simultaneously (this is called “parallel communication” in the research world).This can change the whole feel of a telephone call and produce much greater intimacy in the long run.This could be in part because couples in long distance relationships are more likely to worry about their partners cheating than those in close proximity relationships.

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