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At the end of the series, Stanley has retired and moved to a little house on the edge of the Everglades.He’s finally divorced from the wife he cheated on, and sits on his porch all day carving birds.Baumgartner did a lot of theater before he found his way to TV, and the same year Baumgartner got married in 2014.Guests at his wedding included former castmates Jenna Fischer, Oscar Nunez, Angela Kinsey, and John Krasinski, along with his wife Emily Blunt.She herself is married now for the second time, with two of her own kids.Her newest project is for NBC, produced by a British production company, and it’s a comedic drama called took place.) The show co-stars Rob Lowe and Megan Mullaly, and Fischer is playing "a mild-mannered librarian who finds herself dangerously out of her depth when she is sent to a maximum security prison in New Mexico for a crime she did not commit."At the end of the series, alcoholic and notorious flasher Meredith Palmer celebrates Angela’s bachelorette party by dancing with her son, who was hired as a stripper for the occasion. Kate Flannery, while not an alcoholic flasher, did grow up in a bar-owning family.

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”, or watch the sitcom she created, writes, produces and stars in, , due in theaters in June.He married his true love Holly (Amy Ryan), they had kids, and he had so many pictures of them that he had to buy a second phone to hold them all.He made Dwight’s wedding everything Dwight dreamed it could be by showing up just in time to step in as the best man.In the series finale, Angela finally marries Dwight, her one true love, after a disastrous marriage to a gay congressman and a short-lived engagement to Andy Bernard.Kinsey originally auditioned for the role of Pam Beesly, but was considered “too feisty,” so they called her back to try out for Angela.Pam Beesly wrapped up her life in Scranton pretty definitively.

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