Dating italian man

In the ranking of the major attractions of the “bel paese”, after the good food, the Ferraris and the Mona Lisa, they are there, men!Like it or not the Italian man is world famous and renowned for his characteristics, many of which are unfortunately negative.Let me be clear, no matter how much you commit yourself, Mama’s lasagna will remain the best. HE’S ALWAYS RIGHT: Sometimes good and bad are only a matter of point of view and when you talk with an Italian, his is always the right one; to hope to convince him of the opposite would be a useless waste of time.Trying to contradict him would be like trying to convince an alcoholic that he has drunk too much, he will not listen to any reasoning and will start to get mad and scream rather than admit he’s wrong.Ohh that’s right they magically disappear at this time! If his pleading is not catered to immediately he will start with the “Please, I love you so much, if you don’t make me something to eat then it means that it is not true that you love me.” This is the point where you’re forced to get up and please him, you could never fall asleep with that squawking in the background. HE CHATS TOO MUCH: It’s universally known that women like to be listened to, everybody knows it, but if you intend to date an Italian man, put your heart at rest, he’ll dictate the conversation.It’s the moment you arrive in the kitchen that you hear yelling from the other room “be nice, now that you’re standing already can you make some pasta instead of a sandwich?!?! The tone of voice will fluctuate, he will shake his hands in incomprehensible gestures, you will learn things that you could not care any less about and probably that he doesn’t even really know.Once we have had for so long someone who cooks, washes, irons and even grates the Parmigiano cheese over our pasta while we have the sole task of complaining, to give up on such comforts is not too easy.It is imperative that you assume this role, as well as girlfriend, you will be his mother in the interim.

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It has been said that the amazing thing about the Italian football team is not how well they play but that the nation managed to find enough players who were not too lazy to complete the team.

The silky way of speaking, able to melt even the coldest women with only a whisper, was their best weapon, infact despite their tough guy appearance they never let the chance of a walk in the moonlight escape them.

Well dressed, protective, beautiful, sentimental, caring and so on and so forth, Italian men are known worldwide for their attitude, they are sure to know the secrets to make any woman happy and are convinced that they are the best lovers in the world.

When you see someone in a room with exaggeratedly manicured eyebrows, blow-dried hair firmly held in place with gel or wax and clothes with huge symbols that show their expensive brand, you know what country he comes from. HE NAGS: Oh yes, an Italian men, or should I call him kid in this instance, nags, worse than your mother-in-law.

He will spend hours in front of the mirror thinking how beautiful he is and in some extreme cases even lock the bathroom door, so he can be sure that you will not catch him striking a pose or two as if he was a Mr. He’s are tired after a loooong day at work (maybe only 6 hours), he NEEDS a glass of water, he’s hungry at three in the morning: “I cannot sleep unless I eat something, can you prepare something pllleeeeeeease? ” (umm what happened to your arms at 3am to not allow yourself to make a sandwich?

It seems like they would be able to describe us all in two simple words, lazy and sleazy!

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