Dating in kenya nairobi


“The potential for a contested outcome to the presidential election in 2017 resulting in inter-communal conflict or violent street protests remains high,” says Murithi Mutiga, senior Horn of Africa analyst for International Crisis Group.It’s not just the presidential election that is cause for concern.

Almost every step of this campaign season has been fraught. On July 31, just eight days before polling starts, Chris Msando, the senior electoral official in charge of managing the IT systems of the voting technology, was found dead in Kikuyu town outside of Nairobi with one of his arms cut off.

Among the monkeys frolicking on the grass and fighting for scraps of food, and groups of people having animated conversations, why not join them by packing a picnic and heading to the Arboretum with your special someone for a romantic lunch date?

The tall, mostly indigenous trees and gently sloping grounds mean there is always a cool breeze; perfect for setting the mood.

Equally, his government went on a borrowing spree to ramp-up electricity production, build ports, roads, bridges and the new Chinese-built railway from Mombasa to Nairobi.

The massive investment in infrastructure has supported an economic growth of over 5% since 2013, but the benefits haven’t trickled down to the ordinary folk.

Nairobi Days before Kenya holds a high-stakes general election, its capital city has become a ghost town as residents head to their ancestral rural areas to vote or to avoid any potential violence.

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