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Aberdeenshire Council is unable to account for its disappearance.

As the Church of Scotland is the current Scots ‘state’ religion, Council ‘Leisure & Recreation’ departments have responsibility for mowing graveyards – Bourtie included.

It has much to commend it to historians of the future.

Around 4,500 years ago a strange burial practice began to spread around Britain; bodies were placed in individual graves with pots and other artefacts.

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Bourtie kirkyard is unusual in having not only contemporary and local family monuments stretching back continuously to the 17th Century, but it also possesses one of the earliest stones relating to the Kyng family, erstwhile lairds of Barra Castle in 1579-81.

The Kyng stone was rediscovered in 1988 and now lies outside near the south wall of the building.

His energy and love of tradition made it a joy to attend his Bourtie services, but now back to ‘indigent relative’ status (in the shadow of larger Meldrum parish, with which it is ‘combined’), its future is uncertain.The people who practised this are identified by, and named after, the distinctive decorated pottery beakers placed in graves 'We were also able to look at links with metalworking and monuments, discovering that the distinctive Recumbent Stone Circles were probably built at about the same time as Beakers were being made and the earliest bronze being made,' Mr Curtis said.The Beaker people settled in Britain around 2500 BC and brought metal, the wheel and a less centralised political culture to the new country – which ultimately put an end to the mass monument building of the Ancient Britons.PFS will broaden your friendship and romantic network with a quality dating service based on core values of honesty, confidentiality, value for money and heaps of fun along the way!If you’d like to give us a try, we’d be delighted to have you as a member.In the interior are many memorials and objects of historical interest, including a family pew panel of minister R.

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